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The Great races

Alta x Macho pups, born 30.05.2010

Just born - so adorable! 7 females and 2 males

Week 2 - we came up with the following names for the little ones based on English flower- and plant names: for the males Nalin and Bracken and for the females Aven, Hana, Kaeya, Rose, Zahra, Zinnia and Tulip. Now we should decide on who is who during the next couple of weeks. :-)

Week 3 - Tasted 'solid' food for the first time.... :-)

Week 4 - Becoming real dogs now...

Week 5 - Playing on the grass

Week 6 - Play, sleep, eat, play, sleep, eat...

Week 7 - Becoming individuals more and more

Week 8 - Nalin and Aven left the litter 27.07.2010